4 Interesting Facts About Cats You Need to Know


Dogs have always been in the spotlight with people knowing random facts about them and putting them in starring roles in films (Air Bud, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Marley & Me, etc). Cats, on the other hand, are given the roles of villains. Cats & Dogs anyone?

Well, despite their rather villainous nature – the recent news about their being stressed by human touch isn’t helping either – there’s a lot of interesting things about cats that are worth knowing. Do you want to know what these are?

1. Hunting is in their nature

You know the reason cats were domesticated, right? It was for their apparent love for putting down mice and rats. These days, cat owners just want to look at their fluffy companions and keep them for company. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if your four-legged friend brings home a dead companion if you let them go outside. It’s just in their nature.

Hey, cats are even employed at the State Hermitage Museum in Moscow, Russia for the sole purpose of putting an end to rats and mice. Even looking at The Guinness Book of World Records will show you amazing feats done by cats in the name of hunting. Google “Towser” and you’ll see what we mean.

2. Their mating is painful

Apparently, cats are not one for romance.

We all know that females get noisy when they are in heat. In fact, she’s the animal equivalent of someone who just wants to get laid because she prowls the neighbourhood in hopes of snatching a willing male.

Here comes the painful part: a male cat’s pleasure instrument isn’t made for the word. In fact, it doesn’t even look that … attractive. Can you imagine brushing up against a set of barbs for ovulation purposes? Pure torture. That, or cats are the source of inspiration for the 50 Shades trilogy.

Then again, we possess certain characteristics for various purposes. In the case of the male cat, one of the reasons his penis is barbed is that it prevents the female from escaping.

3. Cats are lactose intolerant

Should we start blaming cartoons just about now? Images ingrained in your head about cats being delivered bottles of milk are just false. Although your feline friend will happily consume milk laid out for them, checking the contents of their litter box after is just another story. Let’s just say it’s enough for you not to want to serve them milk ever again. The reason for this? Cats stop making lactase – an enzyme that breaks down their mother’s milk – when they grow.

4. They can drink seawater

Another interesting fact: they can drink seawater because they’re born with kidneys that can rehydrate that stuff.

These are just a few interesting facts. If you’re looking for more cat goodness, check out a list of fun facts about Grumpy Cat – the internet’s most “adorable” feline.


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