Is sleeping with socks on healthy?


Should you sleep with socks on; is it bad to sleep with socks on? A British doctor has shared on his popular TikTok profile a tip that he believes all people should follow.

Should You Sleep with Socks?

Why Should You Sleep with Socks?

There may not be as many doctors who have a Tiktok profile. There are probably even fewer doctors who have a Tiktok profile with almost 2.5 million followers. That is nonetheless what the English doctor Karan Raj has.

He uses the profile to share useful knowledge and health tips and tricks to his followers, and one has to say he uses his platform well.

In his latest tips video, it’s the night’s sleep Karan Raj takes care of, and there’s one particular trick he thinks everyone should consider, and it’s incredibly simple.

Wear socks when you go to sleep

So simple is the message, but according to the doctor, it can be a simple but highly effective way to sleep better. Karan Raj’s message may be simple, but he explains in the video the science behind the call.

“You should start sleeping with socks on, and now you need to hear why,” – The doctor says in the video and continues.

“Wearing socks in bed increases blood circulation to your feet, which means that the blood vessels become larger. As the blood vessels get bigger, they can get rid of heat much faster due to the larger surface areas. This allows your body temperature to cool down faster than normal, and a lower body temperature is necessary for optimal sleep, ”

At first glance, it seems a bit contradictory that wearing socks to bed means lower body temperature, but it is good enough.

Many benefits

The American organization National Sleep Foundation also encourages people to wear socks in bed.

In addition to keeping both the feet warm and magically lowering the body temperature, according to the organization, it is also healthy if you have hard skin or cracks in the feet. And last but not least, wearing stockings in bed should increase women’s potential for orgasm.



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